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for soprano and electronics


7' 30"

Composed and recorded in collaboration with Stephanie Lamprea..

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"The Puppy"

for bassett horn, with narrator


3' 00"

Composed for Sarah Watts under her call for scores for "Feed the Hound", 'the puppy is a comical piece inspired by my puppy, Nala.

Released under an album of the same name, raising funds for the Kit Wilson Trust.

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"Linger to Sea"

for solo violin and reverb


min. 5' 49"

Awarded first prize in the Walter and Dinah Wolfe Memorial Award.

Premiered by Daniel Pioro as part of PLUG festival 2021. 

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a series of miniatures


17' 30"

Composed in response to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Recorded in collaboration with fellow RCS students: 

Adam Lee, Michael O'Rourke, Seungyeon Lee, Faidon Nalbantis, Ines Mayhew-Begg, Hannah Higson and Lois Kirk.

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"Moved to Tiers"

for solo horn in F


min. 7' 00"

Composed in collaboration with Anya Liggns as a result of the RCS Brass department composer residency.

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"An Coineach-enya-n"

for Bb Clarinet


7' 00"

Composed for, and recorded by Joanna Nicholson of Red Note Ensemble, as part of their Digital Noisy Nights call for scores.

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"Infinite Kaleidoscope"

for flute and tape


7' 00"

Commissioned by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, in collaboration with the University of St. Andrews, and inspired by the research of Stuart Burrell. Written for Tilly Coutlon, and performed by Eva Wardlow in Explorathon2020. 

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