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Small Ensemble

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"Three Miniatures"

for bassoon, trumpet and celesta


4' 00"

Commissioned by Britten Sinfonia for their 2023 Opus 1 composer development scheme.
Premiered at the Painted Church in Cambridge, September 2023. 


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"The Rising Tides"

for string quartet


4' 00"

Premieredby the Orkney Camerata in May 2022 at St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall. The piece was composed for the George Mackay Brown Centenary under the theme continuity and change.

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"À Chladaich"

for guitar quartet


10' 00"

Commissioned by Quartet Malamatina for their 2023 UK tour and premiered in March 2023.
Supported by the PRS Foundation's Open Fund.


Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 21.14.08.png

"Divided Light"

fl, cl, pro, vln, vc


12' 00"

Commissioned by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland for their 2021 Plug Festival.
Premiered and recorded by members of the Red Note Ensemble in May 2021.

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 21.13.05.png

"The Graceful Art of Walking on Stilts"

for saxophone trio


12' 00"

Commissioned as a result of the Kimie Composition Prize and workshopped in schools for children with additional support needs. 
Premiered by the Campus Trio and supported by live Music Now and the Kimie Trust.

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 21.14.40.png


fl, vln, vc


9' 00"

Composed alongside the Red Note Ensemble as a part of Sound Scotland's "Go Compose!" workshop. 
Premiered in Banchory in October 2019.

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 21.32.40.png


for vibraphone, viola and double bass


5' 00"

Premiered by the Red Note Ensemble at the 2022 Sound Festival in Aberdeen as part of their Noisy Nights.

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