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"and what will remain?..."

for double bass and marimba


5' 00"

Commissioned by Sound Scotland as part of their Composer's Development Opportunity. 

Premiered by Iain Crawford and Tom Hunter of Red Note Ensemble as part of Soundfestival 2021.


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"Focussed on Obscurity"

for violin and cello


5' 00"

Premiered by members of the Red Note Ensemble, as part of their Digital Noisy Nights call for scores. 

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"Call it Eternity"

for violin and cello


9' 00"

Commissioned for Gaia Duo to be premiered in PLUG 2020 (cancelled).

Premiered in the RCS Ledger Recital Room in 2020. 

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for piano duet (4 hands, 1 piano)


3' 30"

Commissioned for PLUG 2017 by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Premiered in the RCS Ledger Recital Room in 2018 by Alexandra Standing and Penelope Watson.

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